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The weatherproof wind sensor system protects wind turbines, crane systems, mobile structures, tents, blinds, awnings, roller shutters, ventilation flaps, roof hatches and roof structures from damage when the wind is too strong.

With the FW-1 wind sensor and the AW-1 evaluation and wind control device, there is a completely functional system with freely assignable switching output for all types of actuators and consumers - including for automatically closing greenhouse ventilation, retracting blinds and much more in strong winds.



The wind sensor has a particularly robust design and is optimally protected against the ingress of moisture and dust with the high protection class IP 65. For maintenance-free, long-lasting outdoor use, the cup star has double ball bearings. The speed scanning is non-contact. In winter, when outside temperatures are frosty and to avoid ice, condensation and condensation, the separate power supply for the integrated heating should be used.


Technical data:

  • Maintenance-free sensor for measuring wind speed
  • weatherproof design
  • Operation without additional power supply
  • Robust cup star with double ball bearings
  • Long-lasting non-contact speed sensing
  • linear/proportional pulse signal
  • Wind speed measuring range 0...32m/s
  • Integrated heating for stable operation even in frosty outside temperatures
  • high protection class IP 65
  • All metal parts are made of weather-resistant aluminum
  • 5 year guarantee


Further information can be found in the Data sheet.

Wind evaluating instrument AW-1 with wind sensor FW-1

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